Greetings Adventurers!

Heroes of B'nah Nhagins is a D&D 5e campaign I've constructed in my attempt to make the best play experience for everyone following a few guidelines: 

  • Players can Pop-in, Pop-out in any session – Schedules are crazy, and I'd like everyone to be able to play when they can without getting behind.
  • 2 hour sessions - Seems to be the average amount of time any adult can comfortably commit to.  Longer sessions are certainly possible if a given group of players can commit.
  • Accommodating all levels of player experience – No player should feel unwelcome, and the more active players, the more we get to play!
  • Accommodating in-person and online players - to not only play with all mah frienz, but create the biggest pool of players possible. Owning software will not be required, but if you're interested we use Table Top Simulator on Steam.

In other words, HOBN is a full featured D&D campaign, built for real life adults.

But Alex, how does that work?

  • Hubworld - HOBN is based in the lost city of B'nah Nhagins. Every session will begin and end in the same place (one way or the other), which helps avoid issues of disappearing or braindead characters when a player can't make consecutive sessions.  
  • Living City - B'nah Nhagins is a city recovering from ruin, and players will have ample opportunity to impact its development.  Whether it's recruiting a famous blacksmith from a far-away village, making a supply run, or spending time between sessions building new homes, Players will be responsible for its prosperity, or its downfall… This structure allows players to participate even if they can't make frequent sessions.
  • Mission based system – Players will have a 'bulletin board' with available missions and tasks to chose from.  This will be fully available off-session, and players are encouraged to schedule sessions with a specific mission in mind.  Missions will be about 1-2 encounters, have a clear, accomplishable objective, and be just enough to satisfy you while still leave you wanting more.  Some story arcs may comprise multiple missions, but each one will start and end in BN.
  • Adjusted Magic System – Due to the nature of short pop-in/pop-out sessions, it is highly likely that I will need to adjust the spell slot system from the core 5e rules to make sure magic users are not wildly overpowered.  I have not determined exactly how to do this yes, and it is highly likely the system will evolve over time.  That said, my emphasis will always be on fun over rules-lawyering. I will never implement something with the intention to punish a player.
  • Quick Travel – In order to make the sessions digestible, I will not be putting a big emphasis on overland travel.  Week-long voyages may be described in a few sentences, unless something goes horribly wrong of course.  I will be rolling on random tables to determine the success your travel and to determine the impact.
  • Offline Resources – While sessions may be short and to the point, the story of your hero can continue offline. Using this wiki and forums, players can engage on their own time. Chat with each other to determine a best course of action.  Schedule the next session. Check the wiki to see how another group fared on their latest mission.  Figure out why there is a new workshop in the heart of BN. 
  • A Sandbox World - I've spent years building the world of Boh'Tan, its people, its city, and its lore.  There is a rhyme and a reason behind everything you will discover, and you will be free to dig as deep into the histories of the world as you'd like.   But, just like the real world, Boh'Tan exists with or without you, and there will be no DM interference if you stumble into trouble you are not prepared for. 
  • Characters Might Die – As mentioned above, Boh'Tan exists and it's up to YOU to navigate the dangers of the world.  D&D is a game based on dice rolls, and I won't pull any rolls one way or the other.  But the real threat of death will help heighten suspense in the short sessions, and having lots of characters allows you to try out new things, and will help flesh out Boh'Tan and B'nah Nhagins

So If that all sounds good to you, roll up a character or two, and let's get this party started.

DM Snuggly


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